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Message Logs Searcher for Multiple Mailbox Servers

I got tired of manually running MessageTracking Logs across all of our mail servers so I knocked out this script to search across all servers and pull all the data together into a single data table or export the results to a CSV. You only need to set your search parameters on lines 14-19 and …

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Synchronize Lync Enabled Users with Active Directory

When I learned that Disabling an AD account does not prevent users from logging in to Lync, I knocked this out and scheduled it to run periodically to keep my Lync Enabled users in sync with AD. ### Synchronize your Lync Enabled users with AD Enabled Users ### Import-Module Lync Import-Module ActiveDirectory # Set your …

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Exchange 2013 Actual Mailbox Size Report

I wrote this script to collect all mailbox size information including the RecoverableItems folder info which is not included in Get-MailboxStatistics TotalItemSize. This will give a fuller picture of the storage used by each mailbox. ### Load PS Modules needed to access Exchange PS CmdLets ### Write-Host “Loading Exchange Management Powershell Modules” Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010, Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.Setup …

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HealthCheck Script

I use this to run a quick HealthCheck on all my CAS services. You should probably be checking this on your NLB and whatever monitoring platform you are using. The script runs against the virtual directories of each CAS server in your Exchange environment and returns the results in a table. A 200 response means …

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iTunes Podcast Playcount Updater ver2

This is a script to keep iTunes from unsubscribing to podcasts that you do not listen to regularly.
To use, save the following text into a file with the extension “vbs” for example “KeepPodcasts.vbs”. Then either put it in your task scheduler or run it regularly.
2012-01-26 Update: Modified script to load the “Podcasts” playlist and check all items rather than looping through the entire library looking for individual podcasts. This makes the script run much faster for users with large iTunes libraries.

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Password Generator (PWGen.vbs)

A script to generate a random 8 character password that contains upper and lower case letters, a number, and a special character/symbol.

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