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iTunes Podcast Playcount Updater ver2

This is a script to keep iTunes from unsubscribing to podcasts that you do not listen to regularly.
To use, save the following text into a file with the extension “vbs” for example “KeepPodcasts.vbs”. Then either put it in your task scheduler or run it regularly.
2012-01-26 Update: Modified script to load the “Podcasts” playlist and check all items rather than looping through the entire library looking for individual podcasts. This makes the script run much faster for users with large iTunes libraries.

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Password Generator (PWGen.vbs)

A script to generate a random 8 character password that contains upper and lower case letters, a number, and a special character/symbol.

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Check for Upper and Lower Case Function (chkUprAndLwrCase)

This function will check a string to make sure it contains both upper and lower case characters

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This is a small Tic-Tac-Toe game that I wrote. Feel free to copy and use it if you like it.

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Client Side JavaScript Key Generator (keygen.htm)

Client side key generator. Allows the user to select whether all ascii characters are allowed(many are not acceptible for passwords in most systems), only common characters (these will usually be accepted for passwords), or no symbols (uses upper and lower case letters and numbers only)

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Truncate a String to a Specific Length Function (trunkString)

Truncates a string to a given length and adds a “…” at the end. If the string is not truncated (shorter than max) returns the same string that was sent.

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